Though the far left may be in the minority, they’re far more active. You need to do a little more…

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PERSONAL NOTE: I finished graduate school last fall, MBA. Instead of transitioning to a career, I’ve spent these last several months following the election & related efforts, it was just too important. I wish I could move on, but there’s too much that doesn’t seem right from the November election. And I need to make sure conservatives go forward on a better footing

I look around, and I can’t even believe where we are. How are there so many conservatives in the country, yet representation in the media & the culture is so liberal… ?? I got where I am through a lot of hard work, and I’m used to winning. To me this all so easy

Many pieces are already in place. Trump did his job (although he’s not done). But when it comes to our representatives, the culture, & much more: THERE’S MORE WE ALL COULD BE DOING

I’ve tried to make it easy for everyone to find platforms & avenues that potentially advance the conservative agenda, ideals, and culture. Everything herein has been researched. Nor is it fully exhaustive. You can participate. You can donate. Or at the least, follow a new source, for even awareness in itself can work wonders, I know this

Other than forwarding this website to others, I’ll finish with one more thing you can do: Live well. Be a good person. Get along with those around you. Don’t be afraid to talk politics and principles with your friends, co-workers, family, etc. Do so politely and don’t return rudeness. But be strong and unafraid. Make friends and not enemies. Use logic and understanding. Give examples and be patient. And don’t stop until you win

I love this country, the most prosperous and free on this earth. I believe it’s founding was guided by God. It is that which is most pure that is the most appealing for those who wish to corrupt. I don’t blame corruption on the people, but those with influence who know what they’re doing. Things will be fine if the idea of America is preserved



This is just to help me out, it’ll allow me to devote more time. I’m basically changing everything to give this some attention. I’m happy to do it though

I know this country can get turned around, and quickly. More work has already been done than people know and which will not be seen. You’ll see progress in the coming months & years though. It should be fun actually

I know that the 2020 election irregularities and improprieties need to get resolved, and that’s being worked on. This includes the efforts of Sidney Powell with court cases, the team around Patrick Byrne on the cyber side, and the audits on the state level, among other things

We can also build a foundation for the future at the same time, why not start now

I see what needs to be done consisting of various parts. New platforms have to be built up, we have to understand the left, and we have to directly counter the left

I believe it starts with televised media. That is the conduit which can reach many at once. They’ll have the resources to hire reporters & conduct investigations. The most important thing is that the American people hear the conservative argument. You can’t win the battle of ideas if you’re not being heard. Of course it also involves everything else on this website

So that’s what I plan on doing. Keeping up with this website, understanding the left, finding the tip of the spear, and then taking them head on. It all comes down to finding truth, and changing minds. I love competition…

I know many people are waiting for a revelation or event that will change the outcome of the 2020 election in an instant. Who knows, maybe it’ll happen. But it’s also possible that getting on track will take some time, with small victories. That’s the long game

Even if conservatives had won the presidential election, these are all things that should be done anyways. Conservatives are losing the battle on a variety of fronts 

It’s like the subtitle says: “Though the far left my be in the minority, they’re far more active. You need to do a little more…

I like to win, I like to win by a lot, and I like to overwhelm. Thanks for any support. You can follow on social media. There’ll be more to come, this was easy