Though the far left may be in the minority, they’re far more active. You need to do a little more…

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Adding the Moms For America (‘Additional’). Pushing liberty, Moms can join groups, follow a speaker series, or volunteer. All logos are clickable. Here’s their  Rumble channel

Adding the Hodge Twins (‘Additional’). Pretty funny guys. Click logo for their Rumble channel

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If you’re not familiar with the audits in Windham, New Hampshire or Antrim County, Michigan check out the ‘Video Blog’ tab for a quick preview. I’ll be posting about them on social media accounts

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Adding Adam Carolla (‘Additional’). For some comedy check out his podcast. He also has a book, documentary, and a stand up tour

Check out Ryan Hartwig‘s book. He worked with Project Veritas as a Facebook insider. He’s also helped with the 2020 election.