Though the far left may be in the minority, they’re far more active. You need to do a little more…

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New Media

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THE MEDIA HAS FAILED US. Large portions of the country aren’t hearing the conservative argument. It’s a problem and mainstream alternatives are needed

The liberal legacy media may change once they they start losing competitiveness, but it’ll be too late


Television historically has been dominated by the major broadcast networks. They’re the sole source of news for many Americans, including local news (through local affiliates), night-time, and Sunday news programs. They include ABC, CBS, and NBC, all liberal. FOX offers local news, but does not have an evening news broadcast; they only offer a one-hour program on Sunday

The major broadcast networks continued to do well with the increasing popularity of cable. Strictly cable news channels included CNN & MSNBC, well acknowledged to be extremely liberal. Fox News has been the only relatively conservative outlet for a few decades now. They played a huge part in the public transmission of the conservative message and have been part of the conservative movement. But as we’ve seen with the last election, they are no longer enough. I believe raising OAN & Newsmax are the most important things of all we can do


OAN is independent & was founded in 2013 by Herring Networks Inc partnering with the Washington Times in order to provide another conservative outlet. Headquarters are in San Diego, CA with news desks in D.C. & New York City

Where to watch


  • On KlowdTV website
  • Plans from $2.50/mth
  • To add a plan: (‘menu’)
    1. ‘Join’
    2. ‘Profile’ then ‘Subscriptions’
    3. ‘TV’ to watch


  • For cable, satellite providers, click here
  • See streaming devices
  • (device choice depends on channel line-up desired)

Mobile Apps

  • KlowdTv (w/online subscription)
    • Apple, Google, & Amazon app store
  • (OAN app only has news & videos, no live stream)

Audio (free)

  • iHeartRadio: online or mobile app
  • “OANN: Audio” mobile app


Newsmax, a private conservative-leaning company, was founded in 1988. It was a print publication & website before starting NewsmaxTV in June 2014. The company operates under Newsmax Media

Where to watch


  • Free on
  • Free (or with plan) on KlowdTV website
    • (see OAN section for how to get a plan)


  • Click here for availability on:
    • cable
    • satellite
    • streaming device
    • smart TV

Mobile Apps

  • Newsmax (news, videos, TV)
  • KlowdTV (also comes with OAN)

Social Media


Launched in 2018, investors include Dan Bongino. In Jan 2021, Twitter banning increased & many went to Parler. The app was then banned by Google, Apple, & Amazon (AWS). The site is back up


Launched in 2016. Gab has also been cancelled by numerous providers, but found alternatives. They’re now mostly insulated from bans & from becoming inoperable, a huge plus



Rumble is an alternative to YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google and they have demonetized & banned content from conservatives multiple times

web browser

Google is among the most used with revenue largely from advertising. Google search results have been found favoring liberal websites. The Mozilla Firefox CEO has also spoken in support of censoring conservatives

There’s many browsers available, options below are among the choices. Just don’t use Google…

news websites